Current projects 


 INTERPROF-TECH 2013- 2018

Human resource development measure, Labor market integration and professional integration of international professionals in the area of computer science, mechatronics, electro technology and electronics, automation engineering, power engineering and similar fields


IQ Netzwerk Baden-Württemberg


Program for professional orientation as well as employment and business consulting for young Spanish people. Our goal is to support a long-term integration of young Spanish people in a company and society. (Program „Jóvenes“, FULP Project 2014 – 2016).


Spanisches Arbeitsministerium Berlin


Program MobiproEU, Project „AZUBI OLE“ (2014 – 2016)

Recruitment , Consulting and professional, cultural and social integration of 25 Spanish trainees for training at the Chamber of Commerce Reutlingen (qualified jobs in IT, electro technology/electronics, precision machinist, metal)


Handwerkskammer Reutlingen
72488 Sigmaringen


Consultant for equality and diversity in the program Company value:  Human


Programm UnternehmensWertMensch


Training for intercultural communication, introduction of Diversity Management in a company and recruitment or initial training of international professionals with different customers starting 2013


Bereichsleiterin Europa, Internationales, Stadt Karlsruh
Welcome Center Ulm/Oberschwaben


Recruiting & Outsourcing of engineers, company-related programs for human resource development with different customers starting 2013


Knowledge Development POF S.L.

Madrid – Spanien




ERASMUS + Project „STEPS“ (2014 – 2016):

Our goal is to promote a  work-related and European vision. This is delivered through the support of employability by information, tools and resources promoting a smooth transition into the labor market from schools and VET providers.


Chamber of Commerce of Cantabria


ERASMUS + Project “European Bridges for Dual Vocational Training” (2016 – 2018) : development of sustainable European bridges for improvement of mobility and integration of European trainees intending to do dual vocational training in Germany.



VHS Verband AUPEX  (ESP)


Project: Competence center for recruitment of foreign employees in metal and electrical industry. „Identify, develop and use competencies of foreign employees in the metal and electrical industry“ „(INTERNATIONAL_QUALI“ (2017 – 2020)


Programm „Fachkräfte sichern, weiter bilden und Gleichstellung fördern“


Customer SECARTYS S.L, starting 2015

Services for businesses concerning the development of business and business relations in Germany




Customer POF S.L, starting 2016,PR work + marketing services

Representation for Germany  automobile industry

 Knowledge Development POF S.L. (ESP)